Falling - Rock Bottom



Rock Bottom producer


Artist: Rock Bottom
Single: Falling
Genre: Future Bass, Dance, Electro Pop
BPM: 136
Key: A min

Falling (Original Mix) 2:11 min

Rock Bottom is back with a fresh, new single that will have listeners in a trance. Titled “Falling,” this track offers a unique blend of future bass and EDM with stunning vocals that will leave you wanting more.

The latest release from the talented musical duo is an invigorating mix of genres that will no doubt get people moving. The heavy basslines provide an infectious beat that encourages movement, while the bright, melodic synths build a dreamy atmosphere. The fusion of future bass and trap elements creates a unique sound that’s both modern and ethereal.

The lyrics of “Falling” are both powerful and emotive, and the impact of the vocals is undeniable. The words paint a vivid picture of the struggles and emotions that accompany falling in love. The song captures the feeling of being enveloped in love and the joy of being with that special someone.

“Falling” is a refreshing track that will pique the interest of fans of both future bass and EDM. The combination of catchy beats, melodic synths, and captivating vocals makes this song stand out and ensures that it will make an impression on listeners. This is a track that will make you want to get up and dance, and it’s sure to be a staple among electronic dance music fans.

Rock Bottom has once again created something truly special with this single. Fans of the genre will love “Falling” and will no doubt be eagerly awaiting more from the duo. With its infectious energy and captivating sound, this track is sure to become a classic.

Artist: Rock Bottom

Photo: Julien Sarkissian

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