Dead Inside - Rock Bottom



Rock Bottom producer


Artist: Rock Bottom
Single: Dead Inside
Genre: Trance (main stage), Vocal Trance
BPM: 145
Key: C# min

Dead Inside (Radio Edit) 2:45 min
Dead Inside (Vocal Mix) 6:11 min
Dead Inside (Instrumental Mix) 6:11 min

Rock Bottom (the lighter side of LINUS BEATSKiP – Linus Christiansson) is back with a bang! After the success of his previous releases, Rock Bottom is now turning up the heat with his latest track, “Dead Inside”. This track takes you on a journey through the world of Trance, with its pulsating beats and captivating melodies.

From the moment you hit play, you are transported to the main stage of a music festival, surrounded by thousands of fellow music lovers. The iconic Trance sound takes over your senses, as the beat drops and you can’t help but move your body to the rhythm. “Dead Inside” has all the elements of a classic Trance anthem – strong basslines, euphoric melodies, and a powerful build-up that leads to an electrifying drop.

The track’s title, “Dead Inside”, may seem somber at first, but Rock Bottom’s production skills have turned it into a high-energy track that is sure to get any crowd dancing. The contrast between the darker title and the upbeat sound is what makes this track stand out from the typical Trance releases. It’s a perfect blend of emotions, showcasing his versatility and ability to create a unique sound.

Rock Bottom’s passion for Trance music shines through in “Dead Inside”. His love for the genre is evident in every aspect of the track, from the intricate production to the well-crafted melodies. This is Rock Bottom’s first release in the Trance scene, and “Dead Inside” is a testament to his growth as an artist.

Trance music has always been known for its ability to take listeners on a journey, and “Dead Inside” does just that. It’s a track that can transport you to a different world, where all your worries fade away, and all you’re left with is the music. It’s the type of track that will leave a lasting impression on you, making you crave more from Rock Bottom.

In conclusion, “Dead Inside” by Rock Bottom is a must-listen for any Trance fan. It’s a track that will take you on a musical journey and leave you wanting more. With its powerful sound and emotional impact, it’s no surprise that this track is already making waves in the Trance community. Keep an eye out for Rock Bottom, as he continue to make his mark in the world of Trance music.

Rock Bottom - LINUS BEATSKiP - Linus Christiansson

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