Fri 04 08 2023

New release out now! BLUE – Rock Bottom

“Blue” is the perfect embodiment of Rock Bottom’s unique style and ability to blend genres seamlessly.

This anthemic Electro Pop, EDM festival track showcases their unparalleled talent for crafting euphoric music that resonates deep within the soul. From the moment the first note hits, listeners will be transported on an immersive sonic journey, embracing the intense energy and euphoria that only music of this calibre can provide.

With its infectious beats, infectious hooks, and infectious spirit, “Blue” has the potential to become an instant festival favourite. From the pulsating basslines to the mesmerizing synths, each element of this track has been meticulously crafted to ignite dance floors and unite music lovers across the globe.

Rock Bottom invites you to embark on this exciting journey alongside them. Be prepared to lose yourself in the electrifying soundscape of “Blue” and immerse yourself in an experience that transcends boundaries, leaving you captivated and yearning for more.


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